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Jewelhash Innovative Jewelry


What is JewelHash


JewelHash is a new concept of Jewelry, that links the Jewel to a Blockchain to store digital treasures, NFT, memories, Smart contracts, important files.


It is an astonishing  way to make an unforgettable gift to the beloved ones, giving them the access to a digital Safe Box on a Blockchain.


Each Jewel is engraved with a unique personal each client’s exclusive 32 digits hash code to access a  Blockchain wallet.



How it works


In a very simple way: right after purchased a JewelHash Jewel, register trough the JewelHash website, download the App in your phone, and then you can upload your files in the Blockchain.


The safety is made from the hash code engraved in the the Jewel, a PIN code, OTP system, phone identification systems.