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Jewelhash Investing in Augmented Reality

Jewelhash Investing in Augmented Reality
With 3D filters and more accessible technology to support e-commerce platforms, conversion rates rear and sales go forward

What happens in a ‘Closed’ world, as the latest cover of The Economist asks, with production temporarily suspended, consumption at a standstill and still no certainty about recovery times? The answer, and food for thought, comes from Creators AR, a marketing influencer agency located in Tel Aviv, which launched the first marketplace for those who design and build AR – augmented reality – filters. Let’s first provide a definition of AR. Augmented reality is that technology which allows multi-media information to be superimposed onto what is being looked at on any mobile device we may have. It therefore exploits device displays to add extra information and content, like a kind of visual content management. A dutful beginning to our thoughts on the week, following a closer look at the topic by Maghan McDowell for Vogue Business. In her article, Maghan sustains that, in a moment of crisis, like the current one, AR technology, placed at the service of e-commerce platforms, is able to guide and direct on-line sales to the point that it will increase the conversion rate by up to 250%.